Great Virtual Race Across The States 2024

Crossing the country on foot is very different than crossing it in a vehicle. You see the state lines and they seem like significant landmarks. But the journey on foot across North America is really a journey across a series of unique geological and geographic regions. Your feet and legs may take little note of crossing from Illinois to Indiana but they will tell you when you cross the fall line. In your mind a picture of the continent forms that is not arbitrary states, but unique places, separated by physical differences.

GVRAT 2024 (Transcon Region 1)

We see two distinct groups of Transcon runners. First are the GVRAT runners, who will cross the continent over 5 summers. At 672 miles per section, this is a little longer than the thousand kilometer summers of the past 4 years, so we plan to offer some additional time. Still starting on May 1st, but this time going thru the end of September. This comes to 4.4 miles per day in order to earn the 2024 GVRAT buckle.

  • All entrants receive the new GVRAT shirt.
  • Finish the course by midnight September 30 and receive the new GVRAT buckle.
  • Finish the course by midnight April 30, 2025, and receive the medals for Region 1 of the Transcon.


GVRAT (Transcon)

Then there are the people who want to do the entire transcon. It will still be broken down into 5 regions and you will still have 5 years to do it.

Once you’ve completed Transcon Region 1 (GVRAT 2024), sign up for the next region. You earn the appropriate medals when you complete the regions even if it is past the deadline for GVRAT finish (5 months). This is somewhat similar to CRAW, where each region medal would fit into a frame to make a complete map of your journey.  

Transcon by Bike

We have a separate category of Transcon for those who would like to do transcon by bike and foot (any human powered mileage). This would just like the CRAW multi sport category. We will have a separate award for those finish Transcon by bike.


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