It’s important that you log your activity on a daily basis or as and when you complete the activity. This helps to keep the standings up to date and give the feel of a real race.

We understand that it’s not possible to enter the activity everyday. We have a 3 day date rule in place.

You will be able to enter activities for the current date, plus the three days prior


On May 1, you can only post activity for May 1, (Green) since the race just started. 

On May 2 (Green) you can also post for May 1 (now Yellow) . 

May 3 (Green) you can post May 1 and 2 (Yellow) 

May 4 (Green) you can post May 1, 2, and 3 (Yellow) 

May 5 (Green) May 1 is not allowed, but you can post 2, 3, 4 (Yellow) 

And so forth. 

We will be strictly adhereing to this rule.

Hope this helps. Please write to me at <> if you have any questions.