1. Please open GVRAT Runsignup Race Page and signin to using your Runsignup account

2. Click on Results

3. Click Submit Virtual Resuts

4. Search for your Name and hit Lookup Registration

5. Click log activities.

6. You can log your activity in this page

Activity: Run and Walk are the available categories

Date Complete: The Day you completed the activity (Date of your current location)

The date format is in MM/DD/YYYY. If you have any confusion, please click on the Calendar Icon and pick the date from the calendar.

Distance in Miles: Please enter the distance in miles. If you want the enter the distance in km, please click the option Convert from: and choose KM.

Enter the distance in KM in the popup and hit Convert

The system will convert the entered distance in km to miles

Enter Your Time: Enter the approximate time taken to complete the activity. It’s only approximate. This field will help in catching errors if a participant enters a huge mile.

For example, A runner has completed a 30 mile run in 6 hours but entered 300 instead of 30. When the user submits the results, it will throw an error. We encountered a lot of issues last year where runners were entering huge miles. This process will help in eliminating such errors.

Also, there is mileage limit of 80 miles. If you have run over 80 miles in a day, please write to <> and we will get your activity in the system.

You can submit by clicking Submit Activity

If you have another activity to enter, you can click the option +Add Another Activity

Scenario 1: A participant went on a 5km walk in the morning and then completed a 10km run in the evening. You can enter two activities

Scenario 2: A participant ran 10km (28 Apr), 5km (27 Apr) and 10km (26 Apr), use to option +Add Another Activity to create three Activities and Submit.

Check Date Rules for GVRAT here: DATE RULES

Once you Submit Activity, you will see the acknowledement. Please wait to 2-3 minutes for the results to show in Results.

You can click Back to Results in the above screen or click Results on the Race Page and search for your name. You will see your overall progress and list of all your activities.

Bookmark this page (See screenshot below). This will be your custon link and will come handy to see you overall progress and log activities. (You don’t have to repeat step 2 – step 5)

You can edit your activity data by clicking on the edit button (The icon next to the Trash icon) or delete an activity by clicking in the Trash icon.

Official Individual Results and Team Results will be posted on

Runsign up is only used for logging miles. GVRAT finish time will be caculated in Days and the Official Standings and Results will be published on GVRAT.RACING