1. Please go to GVRAT Runaignup Race Page and Sign In to your Runsign Up Account

2. Click Signup (Either of the link highlighed in the screenshot)

3. Choose your Name.

4. Choose your event as BAT and complete the Registration Process.

5. After completing your registration, you can start submiting your activities for BAT

6. If your goal is to complete 1000 miles, you’ll need to log 361 miles in the BAT event (RAT 639 miles + 361 miles = 1000 miles)

7. If you goal is to complete BAT, you’ll need to log 639 miles in the BAT event (RAT 639 miles + BAT 639 miles)

8. The tracker in gvrat.racing will show your cumulative miles (639 miles + the miles you have logged for BAT)

9. You have until 31 August to complete 1000mi or BAT